Training and employment

Training and employment


The main content of the practice is the implementation of practical, educational or production tasks in the enterprise or institution, corresponding to the nature of the professional activity of the future specialist. It allows you to effectively combine theoretical knowledge with practical training in the workplace, and is aimed at instilling training skills specific to the chosen specialty. Students of educational programs of bachelor, master and doctoral programs undergo training, production, undergraduate, pedagogical and research practices. Each type of professional practice has goals, objectives and program, on the basis of which the relevant base of professional practice is determined.

The internships are carried out on the basis of "agreements on cooperation for the conduct of professional internship". (see form of agreement on cooperation). Contracts with the organizations are concluded not later than one month before the internships. If the student wants to do an internship in an organization that is not a base of the practice (agreements on cooperation), then the internship can be organized on the basis of a tripartite agreement (see form of tripartite agreement).

Concluded contracts with organizations for professional practice passage



A specific type of organization – base practice approved personally for each student by order of the University. Currently, the bases for the passage of professional practices of students majoring 5B050800 – Accounting and auditing, 6M050800 - Accounting and auditing are organizations / institutions are the leading national companies of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Kazakhstan, government agencies, research institutes, JSC, LLP. The purpose of employment of graduates of the Department "Accounting and analysis" is to provide jobs for young professionals, ensuring the professional implementation of graduates, mastering modern technologies for building their own careers, meeting the needs of various sectors of economic activity in highly qualified personnel, improving the rating of the University. The main tasks of employment of students and graduates of the Department are:

·     establishment of friendly relations with companies and organizations in the field of employment of students and graduates of the Department;

·     create a talent pool of students and graduates for employment;

·     meeting the needs of students and graduates of the Department in employment and employment.

The relationship between the University and enterprises is one of the effective mechanisms to improve the competitiveness of University graduates in the labor market.

March 29, 2019 according to the approved work plan of the University and the Department of "Accounting and analysis" for the employment of graduates (bachelor / master / doctoral) for the 2018-2019 school year, an event was held "Job Fair 2019". The purpose of the event was to promote the employment of graduates of the department and cooperation with business structures, government agencies to address the issues of graduates' employment. The department of "Accounting and analysis" was a lot of work in preparation for the event "Job Fair 2019". Head of the department "Accounting and analysis" Amanova G.D. and responsible for the employment of graduates of the department "Accounting and analysis" Bekbulatova A.T. and responsible for the practice Kairanbekov B.O. work was carried out on the formation of a base of employers; negotiated with potential employers; Invitations of representatives of business structures for participation in the job fair - 2019 were sent out; Organizational and preparatory work included the preparation of quiverheads, badges, tables, the collection of questionnaires from employers.