There are several types of Professional internship according to the educational programs of the Department of State Audit: Educational, Industrial, Pre-diploma, Pedagogical, Research.

The internships are carried out on the basis of "agreements on cooperation for the conduct of professional internship". (see form of agreement on cooperation). Contracts with the organizations are concluded not later than one month before the internships. If the student wants to do an internship in an organization that is not a base of the practice (agreements on cooperation), then the internship can be organized on the basis of a tripartite agreement (see form of tripartite agreement).


Cooperation agreements (request updated list at the department)


Accounts Committee for Control over Execution of the Republican Budget

"Centre for Financial Violations Research" Republican State Enterprise

Committee of the internal public audit Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Revision Commission of Nur-Sultan City

Revision Commission of Aktobe Region

Revision Commission of Atyrau Region

Revision Commission of Pavlodar Region

Association of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Kazakhstan

Alliance of Professional Accountants

JSC National Company "KazMunayGas"

Kazpost "Common Service Center" JSC

JSC "KazTransGas"

Department of Ecology in the Karaganda Region

Department of state revenues in Almaty district

Department of internal state audit of Pavlodar region

On the basis of the concluded contracts, the faculty prepares a representation (3 weeks before the start of the practice), signed by the dean and the head of the practice at the faculty, indicating the supervisor, type, place and time for the internship.

If the student has academic debt/difference for the internship, then it must be passed during the vacation time. In the case of training in the framework of academic mobility in partner universities, the internship can be held there or before departure on an individual schedule.

Before the internship, the student should receive from the department: internship program, direction, working plan-schedule, professional internship diary-report; recommendations and advice on the practice process.

At the end of all types of internships, students must submit a report to the department, which is approved by the supervisor from the department. Internship report defense are carried out by the commission appointed by order of the department headThe final grade is entered in the electronic statement and is delivered to the registrar’s office within one day after the defense.

At the final conference, the students can listen to the other students' comprehensive reports on the internships as the best examples. The commision can give suggestions for improving the organization of the internship, also general comments on ways to eliminate the particular problems related to the internship. 

The periods of the internships are set in accordance with the study plan and academic calendar.


Information and a calendar of practice for the 2021-2022 academic year is presented here.



 Employment of graduates of the department of «State Audit» 

  The purpose of employment of graduates of the Department of State Audit is to distribute and provide highly qualified young specialists to the state audit and financial control bodies, the internal audit service in the quasi-public sector entities, as well as ensuring the professional develeopment of graduates, meeting the needs of various branches of the economic activities in highly qualified personnel, increasing the university ranking. 

 The relationship between university and employers is one of the effective mechanisms for increasing the competitiveness of university graduates in the labour market. The department uses several methods of implementing the system of graduate employment :       

- permanent work of the system of assistance to the employment of graduates from the side of the Employment Center of Nur-Sultan;     

ensuring the participation of students and graduates in job fairs and other events organized by the city akimat, aimed at establishing the relationship of students and business representatives;

- forming the CV base of students and graduates;

tracking graduate career growth in order to satisfy employers’ applications;

organizing and holding meetings with graduate students of the department at the request of the leading organizations of the city;

conclusion of cooperation agreements on education, science and employment

conclusion of agreements on professional (pre-diploma) internships with the possibility of subsequent employment.

The department holds a job fair every year where they have an opportunity to talk with employers, find out what are the vacancies for their specialty, the requirements etc. This should help students to more adequately assess themselves in the labour market and more effectively engage in job search.

Practice shows that such events are an effective way to employ young people. At the Fair, students choose suitable vacancies, leave CVs for future employers. They can have interviews with several employers and get career guidance in one day.


Employment of graduates of the department of «State Audit»  



Specialty code and name

Total number of graduates

Employment rates


6D052100 «State Audit» (PhD)


5 (100%)


6М052100 «State Audit» (MSc)


8 (100%)



6D052100 «State Audit» (PhD)


5 (100%)


6М052100 «State Audit» (MSc)


33 (89%)


6D052100 «State Audit» (PhD)




6М052100 «State Audit» (MSc)




6М052100 «State Audit» (MSc)